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*Small group coaching available upon request.*

Devin Thomas

Devin is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah and comes from a background rooted in competition and sports.  He was a three sport athlete through high school, and pitcher at the collegiate level where he found his passion for training. 

Now he’s a co-founder of Able body mind, a holistic wellness company committed to assisting others who are striving towards becoming better versions of themselves that trains small groups and 1 on 1 clients at Big Mountain Barbell.

He is a National Association of Sports Medicine certified trainer and is dedicated to continuing education on the cutting edge of scientific research. 

His experience ranges in weight loss to sports performance. Devin’s focus is on better understanding your body so you can feel and live better in all aspects of your life.

Megan Escobar

Megan grew up in Salt Lake City and has always had a passion for people, life, and connection. She grew up playing soccer and gymnastics where she excelled as a cheerleader. 

Her experience in training started in group fitness where Megan instructed boxing and high intensity workouts for three years. 

Now she works aside her partner, Davin,  coaching one on ones, as well as small groups to help individuals better themselves.

 Megan’s focus is on more than just aesthetics and knows the importance of mental and emotional health. Megan struggled with an eating disorder for most of her teens and early twenties. She found that fitness gave her a different outlook and changed her entire mind set around food as well as her body.  

She believes wholeheartedly in the ability to work the body/mind and love it at the same time. For Megan, it’s more than just a training program, she genuinely wants to help show you methods to reach your goals. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, she is determined to support you.

Zach Gee

Zach Gee grew up in Santaquin, Utah where he grew up playing many different sports. When he was at Payson High School, his love for an active lifestyle and physical performance grew as he took his football coach, Colby Knight’s, anatomy, sports medicine, and advanced conditioning classes. It was during this time that he knew he wanted to help people through exercise.

After graduating from high school, Zach enrolled at the University of Utah where he would end up graduating with a B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science in May 2010. In addition to his education in the classroom, he was able to intern with the strength and conditioning staff at the University of Utah. This not only exposed him to the training of many different athletes but also let him gain some coaching experience. Finally, he was able to start competing in the sport of weightlifting under coach Dr. Michael Waller.

Next, Zach attended Utah State University where he served as a graduate assistant strength and conditioning coach working under Evan Simon. Zach was the strength and conditioning coach for the women’s gymnastics team and co-strength coach, taking the lead in overseeing the throwers’ program, for the track and field team. When not working with those teams, he also assisted in coaching athletes of many of the other varsity sports at Utah State. Zach graduated in May 2012 with an M.Ed. in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation.

After graduating, Zach ventured off into the private sector. His first stop was a one-year stint working as a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness before venturing out on his own. During this time, his experience grew as he was able to coach fat loss clients, weightlifters, powerlifters, and bikini competitors.

In 2014, Zach had the opportunity to become the weight training teacher and strength and conditioning coach at Juan Diego Catholic High School. During this time, he worked with both student-athletes and non-student athletes in the weight room. Most notable of these students was the football team that won three straight Utah 3A State Championships from 2015-2017. His coaching experience grew as he coached the freshman football team for four seasons and the track and field jumpers for two seasons. He would also go on to earn his teaching license in physical education by completing the state of Utah’s Alternative Route to Licensure.

In June 2020, Zach ventured back into the personal training sector where he feels like he can make the biggest impact on people’s lives. He is not married to any specific exercise or workout program. Instead, he believes in following certain principles that allow him to be flexible and truly shape the program to the client.



Sports Performance

Olympic Weightlifting


General Health and Fitness

Personal Trainer

Megan Forrest

Megan believes that some people mistake their belief of themself as their true capacity. She thinks that when a woman doesn’t believe in herself, having someone else believe in them and show them that they are capable of more than they know, can completely change the trajectory of their life!

Meg is a strong, educated and experienced coach and while she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table as a coach, it is her undeniable passion, patience and empathy that make her a truly one of a kind coach.

In fact, we require each Fitbliss Coach to take the Meyer’s Briggs Personality test to help us determine how to place prospective clients with the right coach. It was no surprise that Coach Meg was an “INFJ” which is the same personality type of other great empaths like Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr.. Less than 1% of people fall into this category and we are grateful to have Megan’s voice and perspective within our organization.

Megan’s compassionate coaching and fierce strength combined with the Fitbliss body, mind and soul coaching philosophy, create an amazing foundation for a transformation that not only changes the physical body of her clients, but also helps them to achieve self love, confidence and a passion for training that they never knew they could have!  

Megan is a NASM and CrossFit Level 1 certified coach who specializes in building self love/confidence, Fatloss, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, NPC Contest Prep, CrossFit and General Strength and Endurance training.  

She coaches our Ladies Lift barbell classes, offers one on one Olympic Weightlifting sessions and is a Fitbliss Online and Contest Prep Coach.

 Meg lives in Salt Lake City and in addition to Coaching she is a Nanny for an adorable family, loves dogs and outside of coaching, competing in Olympic Weightlifting and at the National Level as an NPC Competitor, she loves snowboarding, surfing, volleyball, hiking and scuba diving.

Megan Hendersen

Megan grew up in Utah and started dancing at the age of 3. She competed in national competitions, performed on cruise ships, attended classes in New York City, and was a member of her high school drill team. She was a team captain and led her team to the state championship. This is where her leadership skills started to develop and she realized her passion for helping and coaching others.

After high school, Megan attended the University of Utah and graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Exercise Physiology in 2015. During college, and for years after she coached high school drill and choreographed for teams across Utah and Idaho. Dance is her first love. During college she also had the opportunity to work in the exercise physiology lab and this is where things started to shift. She quickly realized her love for health and fitness. She interned at a senior center for 6 months where she designed and led weekly exercise classes for the residents. 

After graduating college, Megan was hired as an exercise specialist at University of Utah Health. She worked at the South Jordan Health Center for 6 years. Here she worked in many different areas including physical therapy, pulmonary, orthopedics, and was the manager of the South Jordan POWER Program. 

Megan is a certified pulmonary tech and performed pulmonary function tests and exercise tests on patients with acute and chronic pulmonary conditions. From the patients she would encounter, she became more passionate about overall health and wanted to help others to see the benefits of daily exercise to prevent chronic health conditions.

The POWER Program is a resistance based exercise program for patients. She worked alongside some of the best orthopedic doctors in the country, and this is where her knowledge started to grow and expand. Megan designed exercise programs for many populations including patients with joint replacements, cancer, chronic pain, youth & teens, Parkinson’s, orthopedic surgery, and osteoporosis. 

During this time, Megan wanted to work with the general population as well, and became a certified personal trainer. She started training independently in 2020 and has loved training in another atmosphere in addition to the hospital. 

In August of 2021, Megan wanted to expand on her knowledge and accepted a position working with the POWER Program at Huntsman Cancer Institute. Here she has had the opportunity to work exclusively with oncology patients. Every day she is inspired by her patients resiliency and positivity and is so grateful to be a small part of their cancer journey. 

Megan still choreographs and assists drill teams across the state, and is a teacher for EPIC Productions where she leads camps every summer.  

Megan loves coaching and connecting with people. She has coached and trained a very diverse population, but her underlying approach is always overall health.

John Jensen

John got into fitness and nutrition on his two year service mission where he lost 60lbs, developed healthy eating habits and a positive relationship with the gym.

Since then John became certified as a personal trainer from the American Council of Exercise and a Certified Functional Strength Coach during his short time working at Vasa. At that time John worked with many types of clients from young athletes looking to improve performance to seniors trying to maintain quality of life. 

While training and coaching the last 5 years, John has also worked at Good Earth Natural Foods as a Sports Nutrition Specialist. John believes in teaching his clients many aspects of health and helping them understand nutrition on a functional level.

John’s personal achievements are mainly in Powerlifting as he’s yet to compete in Bodybuilding, though plans to some day. John has set some Utah state records with a 672 lbs wrapped squat, 385lbs bench, and 700lbs deadlift at 242lbs body weight.

John’s main goal is to help people find confidence in themselves and focus on their body’s strengths not shortcomings, with perhaps a strong emphasis toward powerlifting. 

John’s availability is 8am-1pm Mon, Wed, and Fri, with specific weekend training schedulable. 

Shanae Smithson

Shanae is  a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Specialist with an emphasis on powerlifting and strength training. She specializes in teaching women how to lift, lifestyle fitness, powerlifting coaching and weight management. 

She is a competitive powerlifter boasting a 451 squat, 225 bench and 435 deadlift

Shanae is a wife,  mom to busy twin boys and the Athlete Advisor for our sister company, Fitbliss Fitness so she knows what it takes to balance a busy lifestyle with fitness goals.   

Shanae didn’t begin powerlifting until I was a mom and in my mid twenties. It’s important to her to be able to show all women that they are strong and capable regardless of what stage of life they are in. 

There is no greater feeling to Shanae than being able to see women lift heavy and love it while building confidence through many areas of their life. 

If you’ve ever thought about strength training, powerlifting or getting ready to compete in a powerlifting meet, she would love to help you on your journey! 

Jake Benson

Jake Benson is a World Record Powerlifter, Exercise Scientist and a Coach renowned around the world for his skills in building elite strength while monitoring the athlete’s health markers through blood work assessments, biofeedback and in depth communication. 

He and his wife Kiara are cornerstones of our community and individuals who make BMB a better place. 

He doesn’t do much in person coaching at BMB, but he does write programming for a select group of athletes at Big Mountain Barbell. 

Taylor Vigil

Strength and Powerlifting Training for 3 years.

Fitbliss Fitness Coach for 2.5 years.

Nutrition Coach – NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Raw and Equipped Powerlifter.

16 World Records 30 National Records 22 State Records

Best Lifts Raw:

325lbs Squat

195lbs Bench

365lbs Deadlift

Best Lifts Equipped:

402lbs Squat

264lbs Bench

375lbs Deadlift

Availability: Private Personal Training – 1-3 sessions per week. Group Sessions. 1-3 sessions per week. Online Coaching and Programming.

My goal is to make a change in the world. I believe I can best fulfill that goal by helping others. Having the opportunity to transform lives with my knowledge and experience is what I am most passionate about. I give my all to every single one of my clients knowing that they are putting their trust in me.

Will White

I am originally from San Francisco, yes I’m a hippy at heart, I miss many things about it mainly the nature, nightlife, and beaches. Utah has made a very nice second home and I have loved to continue my outdoor activities through vigorous hikes, pickleball, and of course weight lifting.

Training for me is a necessity. Ever since I became serious about specific goals in the gym the way I looked at movement, mechanics and progression changed forever. I would pick my Athletic trainer’s brain for hours devising strategies and eventually a program to follow but that wasn’t enough. I wanted to orchestrate one on my own! I got certified, started my journey at Equinox did hours of continuing education, and then many more certifications including Kettlebells, Pre and Post Natal, Nutrition, and the tier 2 training at Equinox, I felt I could challenge myself the way I wanted to.

What the weightroom and gym has done for me I try to pass on to all of my clients, the friends I’ve made the discoveries about my body, and the boundaries I have pushed are truly priceless. I do not know what I would do without it. I am proud to be a Big Mountain Barbell trainer and am happy for the growth I have seen in myself and my clients already!

Cecily Lewis

Cecily’s mission is to provide sustainable, custom nutrition and exercise programs and instruction directed at achieving specific goals; to support and encourage a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and inspire the empowerment and love of self and others.

She is passionate about nutrition and how food can shape who we are and how we perform in the gym and in life. I believe in a flexible approach to nutrition, with focus on choosing foods that will create symbiosis of mind, body, energy, and wellness.

Cecliy’s love for physical activity began in her childhood days of romping around with my older brothers. She played basketball in high school and moved on to coaching the local recreational swimming team for a year and a half.

Her personal experience with lifting weights and interval training began during her senior year of high school and is still her favorite style of training. She was self-taught until 2010 when she committed to the Exercise Science program at Utah Valley University, where in 2012 she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Since 2013 she has  competed as an NPC Bikini athlete in three national level competitions and placed in six local competitions, including an overall bikini champion award.

She was a crossfit athlete for 2.5 years, Trained and competed in Olympic Weightlifting for 2 years, and is currently involved in competitive powerlifting.

Her current training records: 214 Bench, 315 Squat, 452 Deadlift.

Regardless of if you are trying to get healthy, get on stage or the platform, Cecily can help. 

Braden Jenkins

Coach’s Specialty Skills:

Olympic Weightlifting and Strength Performance Coaching

“Joint-by-Joint” Biomechanical Movement Analysis Critique

Education of the Universal “Bracing Mind” and full body Torque Pattern Functions for all Movements

Word From the Coach:

“Hello hello!! My name is Braden, and I have a passion for Movement. Specifically – I’ve combined my dancing skillz, my mind, and my weightlifting passion to formulate a unique perspective of how to move!! And really, what that means is –  I teach you how to UNDERSTAND optimal movement efficiency. Acting from your body for your health, power output and strength performance – OR, whatever it is you’re doing – I make you move and flex perfectly for function. I’ve coached people from every background and athletic history type. General to Elite athletic demographic –  to me it’s all joint movement in a 3-D space. When I coach you, we look at what you’re doing, look at your joints and body positions, your muscle strength, energy system performance, what it is you need to accomplish, etc… and then get you rockin’ at what your doin’ and on a path of progression towards what you want to accomplish!! And you’re going to MOVE WELL!! Haha!

I start with mobility and strength assessment, I teach what I call the “The Universal Bracing Mind” and I have educational progressions and analysis systems for getting you moving properly in what you’re doing.  I came to this knowledge through years of experience coaching, competing in athletics (rugby, popping battles, and Olympic Weightlifting), educating  alongside other professionals in the field, mentorship, and my personal constant pursuit of knowledge and novelty. 

I spend my time Olympic Weightlifting, dancing whilst exploring my own personal movement detail, and coaching. By dancing, I specifically mean “Popping and Waving” -> to me, it resembles a joint by joint fluidity control and application to illusion. I then apply this “Joint-by-Joint” skill set to a “Strength Illusion” haha – which is really just torque instead of fluidity in your joints and having the proper “dance” or “strength pattern” to perform what you want to do -> and then I do a Snatch haha. Or, you know, Olympic Weightlift and have fun slangin’ some weights.”



  • Snatch 155kg/341lbs @ BW 105kg
  • CJ 190kg/419lbs @ BW 105kg
  • Back Squat 600lbs
  • Deadlift 600lbs (beltless)
  • Behind the Neck Thruster 400lbs
  • 2013 Rugby State Champions (UTAH)
  • 2015 USAW JR Nationals Bronze Total
  • 11+ Broken Utah State Records USAW across two weight classes
  • Many Local Competition 1st Place Finishes and Best Lifter


  • Created South County Crusaders Rugby Team in Highschool, coached and captained to Victory (2009-2014)
  • Youth USAW Nationals (7 Medals across athletes) (2014-2018)
  • Generated Youth USA Team Athlete (2018)
  • Powerlifting State Record Broken (2019, female bench)
  • Movement Performance Coach for Team USA Luge/Double Luge Athlete (2019-2021)
  • Coaching Certs (USAW L1, CF L1, CrossRoads Alliance Adaptive Athlete Cert, Experience)

Types of Individuals Coached:

  • General Health and Wellness Individuals
  • Olympic Lifters (beginner and experienced)
  • CrossFit Games Athletes (solo and team)
  • Strongman Competitors
  • Powerlifters
  • Highschool Youth Athletics Individuals and Teams (football, lacrosse, basketball, track)
  • Adaptive Athletes (missing limbs, brain trauma/neurology)
  • Ironman and Spartan Athletes
  • Retired Professional Sports Athletes
  • Your Mom


Group Training:

  • Barbell Vibe Olympic Weightlifting Club
    • M/T/TH @ 5:30pm to 7:30pm
    • Description: An Open Floor Coaching Type Setting, working Olympic Lifting Programming, Movement and Team Training. All Lifting Members have gone through a prerequisite of Movement Education, to ensure high quality training and fluidity with general ques and movement language.
    • *Contact Info Below to Apply and Schedule Assessment
  • Group Personal Training
    • Description: Group calibrated training based on needs, always revolving around movement health and functionality at base. Schedule Flexible.

Personal Training Session Types:

  1. Educational: A session type surrounding knowledge gain and foundational internal awareness turned into movement application.
    1. “Bracing Mind” – Basic Strength Patterns and Movement Assessment
      1. Extension -> Olympic Strength Patterns and Technique (or Sport Specific)
  1. Accessory Training and Base Function General Training: The “true application” of torque expression “Bracing Mind”. 
    1. In these sessions we work together live in detail to apply the proper flex in torque patterns, and ensure movement performance perfection – working imbalances, weakness, and new internal intentions. This is where we tie all the “proper flexes” and torque patterns into progressive application and ability.
  1. Initial Assessment and/or Elite Action Live Coaching Movement Assessment: A movement and knowledge Assessment for either the inquiring individual or the Elite Athlete.
    1. These session types are for athletes and individuals looking for introspection and critique towards their Movement Performance.
      1. New Athlete Assessment Example -> The direction of the Initial Assessment will vary based on the individual athlete’s previous experience. During a New Athletes Initial Assessment, base mechanics and strength knowledge concepts are taught as well as discussion towards goals and lifestyle.
      2. Elite Athlete Assessment -> Live action and “eyes on coaching” are what we do here. With Movement Analysis and Breakdown, we look at the way you are currently performing and analyze what you are missing in your Movement or Internal Performance Que’s.


Contact Info:

Contact me to schedule an Assessment!! Here is my personal info:

Phone Number: 801-822-3300 (text or call, text preferred)


Thank you for taking the time to read my Bio!! I hope I have intrigued you with the insight of a new perspective towards fitness and performance, and a taste of your potential.

Chris McGrail

Chris McGrail graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point with degrees in Engineering Management and Mechanical Engineering. As an Army Officer he was awarded the Bronze Star and Presidential Unit Citation in conjunction with his combat service in Iraq. His experience as a strength coach began when he was an Army Lieutenant. By the time he reached the rank of Major he had trained hundreds of active duty soldiers to achieve and maintain combat readiness. In addition to completing a Master of Science and Master of Business Administration degrees, his professional certifications include: US Army Master Fitness Trainer, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT). Chris has won numerous world titles in the sport of powerlifting. He has won gold at the Olympia Pro Invitational a record six times, to include “Best Overall Lifter.” He also has set Open World Records in both the USPA and APF federations, and has the biggest “pound-for-pound” squat in USPA-IPL history with 904 lbs at 181 pounds body weight. Currently he has the best pound-for-pound squat and deadlift in Utah state history (both raw and equipped). He is the only athlete in Utah to ever squat over 5 times his body weight, and Deadlift over 4 times his body weight in competition.

As a sought-after strength coach and fitness consultant, Chris has trained numerous athletes in various sports to include powerlifting and mixed martial arts (MMA) professional fighters who have competed in the UFC, Strikeforce, Pride, Bellator, Professional Fight League, Rizin and the World Series of Fighting.

Chris is also the Utah State Chairman for the U.S. Powerlifting Association and directs powerlifting meets from the local level to both National and International levels, to include the FitCon World Cup and the Powerlifting Grand Prix at StrengthX. He is the Executive Vice President of NiTOR Performance (a supplement company devoted to producing the highest quality supplements). Visit for more info.


Brad Stuckey

Brad Stuckey graduated from California State University San Marcos in 2009 with a Bachelors in Communication and a Minor in Spanish. 

Brad has always been a fan of organized sports and weightlifting, but truly became passionate about health and fitness after turning 30 and seeing a picture from a recent vacation. Brad used that picture as motivation to make fitness a priority in his life and developed a desire to help others achieve their goals also. 

His love for all things outdoors brought him to Utah where he spends his time with his little boy and his beautiful mother, hiking, snowboarding, golfing, and enjoying a cold beer with friends. Brad is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutritional Coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Brad enjoys working with people in all stages of their fitness journeys and likes to pair nutrition and exercise in a customized plan to help clients reach their fitness goals. 

He specializes in increasing muscle mass through hypertrophy training as well as functional training utilizing a lot of core strength to help people perform well in their daily activities. 

Walter Payton is quoted as saying, “When you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone. When you’re great at something, they’ll tell you.” Brad uses this quote every day to constantly strive to set and achieve new personal goals and implements the same passion in helping clients achieve theirs as well.