Our gym has several sections of equipment including:

Powerlifting area

2 monolifts, 4 combo racks, 4 free standing squat racks with safety bars and deadlift platforms complete with power bars. squat bars, deadlift bars and a bulldog bar. We also feature specialty bars like SSB, Transformer, Football.

Olympic Lifting area

Outfitted with 7 lifting platforms, Eleiko bars and kilos plates, jerk blocks.

Cardio area

Includes 4 Peloton treadmills, 2 assault air runners, 4 airdyne bikes, 4 c2 rowers, 1 ski erg, 3 stepmills.

Accessory area

Dumbbells from 2.5-125#, kettlebells from 5-205#, a cable pulley system, leg curl, hamstring curl, machine overhead press, machine row, seal row, t bar row, belt squats (2), leg press, unilateral leg press, reverse hyper, Booty Builders (2) and more.

Flywheel area

With the GoExxentric Kbox and Kabuki Kratos.

Men and Women’s locker rooms

Showers, toilets, lockers and a sauna that runs from 6 am to 10 pm.

Private coaching

Available with professional Trainers and Athletes

Physical Therapy

Private Physical Therapy by appointment

Massage Therapy

Private Massage therapy by appointment