Sticking to a fitness regimen requires motivation and a dedication to health and wellness, and it can be difficult to stay consistent on your own. Hiring a personal trainer is a proven way to stay on track, achieve your goals, and progress effectively. Here at Big Mountain Barbell, certified personal trainers are ready to provide you one-on-one programming guidance geared toward very specific goals. Whether you want to slim down, bulk up, improve endurance, or recover strength following an injury, we know the path to success. 

Don’t get caught up in the hamster wheel of running on the treadmill and lifting some weights without any real strategy to support your chosen regimen. If you want your car to run faster, you wouldn’t replace the battery. Sure, a new battery isn’t a bad thing, but it won’t lead to achievement of the goal of increased acceleration. Likewise, you have to come to each workout with an evidence-based plan. The personal trainers here at Big Mountain Barbell possess the key to discovering what that plan looks like in your unique circumstances. 

Five Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer at Big Mountain Barbell in Salt Lake City

Big Mountain Barbell is a private gym, and this means sessions in our facility are… private. Unlike crowded commercial gyms that are noisy and chaotic, we provide an exclusive space for you to more effectively connect with your fitness professional. You won’t have to wait on other members to finish using equipment, meaning you can more efficiently perform your workout routine. Let’s examine five primary ways the investment in a personal trainer translates to improvements in your health and wellness:

  1. Personalized physical assessment provides trainers with insight into the types of exercises and modifications that are appropriate for your unique needs. 
  2. Personal trainers network with other professionals making up the healthcare continuum to ensure a full understanding of your physical capabilities.
  3. With a well-rounded understanding of your physical condition, personal trainers can safely push you harder than you’d push yourself. 
  4. With a targeted, progressive fitness plan, you’ll begin to notice the changes you’re aiming for. 
  5. As goals are met and expectations exceeded, you’ll be more likely to stick with fitness for the long-term. 

You have one life to live and one body to live it in. While public gyms are less expensive, you get what you pay for. Hiring a personal trainer in a private gym significantly increases your chances of achieving and maintaining optimal physical health and wellness for a lifetime.