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One of the first steps toward success in fitness is to purchase a gym membership. Before you make your decision based on the lowest cost or closest proximity, consider quality. Based on your fitness goals, there are very specific workout protocols to initiate. Whether you’re trying to lose 30 pounds, strengthen the primarily-recruited muscles for a sport, or maintain your current fitness, there are specific paths to take, and that’s where the benefits of a private gym really shine. 

Here at Big Mountain Barbell, we employ a business model that targets focus on each of our clients as individuals. Unlike many Utah gyms that provide a space with the equipment needed to take care of your fitness on your own, we offer professional help and personal trainers to ensure you’re training the correct way.

Five Benefits of Joining a Private Gym in Salt Lake City Private Gym in Salt Lake City, Utah

Imagine studying for a test and putting in hours of blood, sweat, and tears. On the big day, you find out that, while you learned a lot during your studies, you had reviewed the wrong material. Chances are, you won’t succeed in making a passing grade. The same is true of fitness. Sure, doing any type of exercise is better than remaining sedentary, but, if you’re training with a specific goal in mind, our staff of experienced personal trainers can help you “pass the test” in achieving your objectives. 

With an elite, diverse and inclusive private gym, you can expect a different experience than you’d get with a public gym. Just some of these include:

  1. Quiet environment that fosters effective communication with fitness professionals
  2. Access to the equipment you need since you’re not competing for access with dozens of other gym goers
  3. Targeted access to nutritional information that will support your fitness regimen
  4. Improved cleanliness since there is less daily traffic
  5. Ability to purchase a day pass to ensure you’re comfortable with the setting before committing to a membership

Here at Big Mountain Barbell, we pride ourselves in a commitment to provide every member with a holistic approach to health and wellness. Far beyond strength and cardio, we consider the importance of all the other invaluable components for success including balance, flexibility, proprioception, and nutrition. When you come to our facility, you’re getting much more than a workout that may or may not lead to long-term results. Our professionals guide you in turning your daily efforts into effective lifestyle changes to help you live your life at peak performance.