BMB On Demand Membership

You no longer have to choose between hiring a Personal Trainer and being unsure of your training efforts in the gym.

You are formally invited to try our BMB On Demand App, designed to bring the knowledge, accountability, and guidance of our professional coaches straight to you through our training app.

Our On-Demand App Includes:

Monthly Training Plans

No more guessing! Our team will lay out a progressive monthly training schedule detailing how many reps and sets to do, how heavy you should lift, and how long your rest periods should be. Each month will build off of the previous, and you will be able to track progress continually!

Ongoing Support + Form Feedback


You will have the opportunity to join our coaches and community members on Dischord to post questions about the workouts and your training videos for virtual form feedback from our team!

Program Adjustments

Are you working around an injury or on a tight schedule? Or maybe, a certain exercise just isn’t working for you? Reach out to our coaches, and we will make personalized adjustments to your program to make the most of what you’ve got!

Are you new to Lifting?

Our team will teach you:

  • How to perform exercises correctly
  • How to use various pieces of equipment at our gym
  • How much intensity/weight you should be using in your sessions
  • How long you need to rest between sets for different goals
  • How to scale exercises to make them safer for you


Are an Experienced Lifter?

Our team will teach you:

  • How to optimize your form for better performance
  • How to push past your current limitations
  • How to set and achieve new goals
  • How to integrate evidence-based training progressions to avoid injury, burnout, and plateaus

Program descriptions:

Able Body + Mind

With a decade of fitness/training experience, and years working with in-person, 1:1 training, Megan & Devin have developed a training program with one thing in mind, results. Having worked with all fitness levels and needs, they have developed expertise in programming on a very personalized and customized scale, while keeping it simple yet challenging and accessible. In their program you will be training all physical characteristics and qualities simultaneously. It is designed to inspire you to reach your greatest potential while building functional muscle mass, improved body composition, strength, movement capacity and mobility.


Are you a busy mom or dad that has no time to make it to the gym?

Are you a busy entrepreneur who wants a fast workout so you can spend more of your precious time building your business?

Then, Express is for you.

Express is a workout program that will build muscle, increase your strength, and boost your endurance.

Express does this by utilizing three 45 minute, full body strength training workouts per week.

That’s right! Only a little over 2 hours per week to improve your health and fitness.

Start today!

Power Building

Power + Strength + Aesthetics

Are you someone who wants to use the fancy powerlifting equipment at Big Mountain Barbell to build up your Squats, Bench, and Deadlift, but you also want to build an impressive physique through bodybuilding techniques?

This program is the perfect fit for you! Each month you will work through important phases of training to build up your strength, endurance and aesthetics with an emphasis on progressive overload, proper technique, and mind-muscle connection.

This program will push you to new limits and show that you are capable of more than you think.

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